Central Bank of Russia Currency Rates

Up-to-date currency rates from the Central Bank of Russia, including the US dollar, Euro, and other major currencies.
CodeNominalTitleRUBValue diff
United States USD1US Dollar88.5819-0.3022
EU EUR1Euro96.8827-0.7676
China CNY1China Yuan12.3927-0.0600
Tajikistan TJS10Tajikistan Ruble80.8834-0.2774
United Kingdom GBP1British Pound Sterling112.4724-0.2593
Turkey TRY10Turkish Lira30.6665-0.0862
Kazakhstan KZT100Kazakhstan Tenge19.2964-0.0666
Ukraine UAH10Ukrainian Hryvnia24.3523-0.0903
Kyrgyzstan KGS100Kyrgyzstan Som99.3468-0.4812
Uzbekistan UZS10000Uzbekistan Sum72.1350-0.0405
Belarus BYN1Belarussian Ruble28.4829-0.0559
Armenia AMD100Armenia Dram21.9997-0.0833
Japan JPY100Japanese Yen60.2680-0.2550
Poland PLN1Polish Zloty22.2512-0.2636
Switzerland CHF1Swiss Franc101.2480-0.1369
Azerbaijan AZN1Azerbaijan Manat52.1070-0.1778
Canada CAD1Canadian Dollar65.1817-0.2657
South Korea KRW1000South Korean Won68.6681-0.2557
Czech Republic CZK10Czech Koruna40.1023+0.1723
Australia AUD1Australian Dollar58.8892-0.2187
India INR10Indian Rupee10.6268-0.0388
Sweden SEK10Swedish Krona85.6162+0.4945
Moldova MDL10Moldova Lei49.6438-0.1392
Hungary HUF100Hungarian Forint25.5000-0.2964
Singapore SGD1Singapore Dollar66.5229-0.2872
Norway NOK10Norwegian Krone83.1935+0.1320
Romania RON1Romanian Leu19.5489-0.0667
Bulgaria BGN1Bulgarian lev49.7511-0.0077
Denmark DKK1Danish Krone13.0500-0.0024
South Africa ZAR10S.African Rand47.2871-0.6764
Brazil BRL1Brazil Real18.1038-0.0863
Turkmenistan TMT1New Turkmenistan Manat25.3091-0.0864
AEDUAE Dirham0.0000
GELGeorgia Lari0.0000
VNDVietnam Dong0.0000
EGPEgyptian Pound0.0000
QARQatari Riyal0.0000
R01280Indonesian Rupiah0.0000
R01530New Zealand Dollar0.0000
R01675Thai Baht0.0000
This page presents the official currency rates set by the Central Bank of Russia. Here, you can find the current rates for major currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, and other significant global currencies. The currency rates are updated daily and reflect the current state of the global currency market. This information is particularly useful for economists, financial analysts, traders, and anyone interested in financial markets. In addition to the currency rates, the page also offers analysis, news, and expert commentary, which will help you better understand market dynamics and make informed financial decisions.