Currency rates on the interbank market

Currency rates on the interbank Forex market are shown on the web portal in real time

This site provides a list of the main types of transactions and contracts that are commonly used during trading in the world's stock exchanges. The unified foreign exchange rate of the e-commerce system allows you to instantly carry out exchange transactions between financial institutions. Foreign exchange trades on the OTC Forex market has a daily turnover of US $7 trillion.

Currency rates on the foreign exchange market on the web portal are published daily except during weekends. Currency purchase and sale transactions are going non-stop during the day in all the world stock markets as well as on non-stock Forex market, using modern electronic communications.

The presence of supply and demand of the bidders, such as national banks, commercial banks, brokerages, pension funds, insurance companies, associations of traders, industrial and financial groups, determines how the market rates change in a certain time period in relation to a certain currency pair.