ECB South Korean Won Exchange Rate Archive for 2017

Historical archive of the ECB's South Korean Won exchange rates for the year 2017, featuring daily exchange rate data.


South Korean Won

8 September 2017

KRW forOneText 1 EUR

3 April 2017

KRW forOneText 1 EUR

Dynamics course South Korean Won, for 1 EUR EUR / KRW

DateCbr course
11.091 357,7600 -5,7600
08.091 363,5200 +12,6500
07.091 350,8700 -3,0700
04.041 198,1300 +7,0400
03.041 191,0900 -3,4500
31.031 194,5400 -4,5400

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About ruble's exchange rate of CBR
This comprehensive archive includes a complete collection of the South Korean Won's daily exchange rates for 2017 as set by the European Central Bank. It provides an in-depth view of currency trends, reflecting the economic and financial events impacting the Eurozone and global markets. This archive is invaluable for financial analysts and economists seeking to understand the longer-term trends and shifts in the currency market.