How to make money OUT of crypto-currency?


When agiotage around the bitcoins has already reached a peak, only one who does not know anything about crypto-currency does not dream of making money out of it. All housewives are aware of the bitcoin, ethereum and ripple rate, and set up their home computers for mining, as well as use services that work with digital coins.

1.Buy and wait

The easiest way to make money out of crypto-currency is to buy it and wait for the increase of its rate, and then sell it profitably, preferably at the very top. There are also crypto-currencies with the dividends payment, like shares. It is important to choose carefully crypto currency for purchase, since you may become a victim of fraud, associated with the artificial winding up of its price.


You can try your hand at the exchange and become a real trader, buying crypto currency at a low price and selling it at a higher one. Not everyone is lucky; this path requires skills and patience.


It is fashionable today to participate in various investment projects, which are based on crypto-currency technology, and receive the interest of their income. It is important to be well-oriented in this area, in order not to run into a deliberately losing option.


Now there are various funds, where investors buy shares, equity units or parts of the crypto currency, and managers invest this money in real estate or invest in other physical high-value assets. Holders of such equity units based on crypto-currency earn their interest of the project’s profit.

And how do you make money out of crypto-currency? Share your experience, whether successful or not, which will help readers.

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